Classification systems

Marine equipment directive

When it comes to fire-insulating bulkheads, decks and floating floors on board ships GLAVA®  provides a complete range, with either stone wool from Paroc or ULTIMATE insulation from Saint Gobain ISOVER. The latter is a new generation of mineral wool, which as well as having excellent fire properties is also very lightweight.

MED-B certification

The certification confirms that the products meet the requirements of European Directive "Marine Equipment Directive 96/98EC, 98/85 EC module B".

All our mineral wool products for ships are classified as non-combustible in accordance with IMO FTP Code Part 1. Coated products are also classified according to IMO FTP Code Part 5. The certificates are issued by Det Norske Veritas and apply in all countries that have accepted the above EU directive, i.e most European countries.

MED-D certification

The MED-D certificates confirm that the manufacturer has set up a quality system for production and testing which is subject to checks from the certification body. It also allows the manufacturer to label the product's packaging with the "ship's wheel" label.