Isover Ultimate Wired Mats

ULTIMATE - the best choice of fire insulation for bulkheads, decks and floating floors for weight reduction, acoustics and excellent non-combustible properties. The new ULTIMATE Wired Mat has many advantages compared to traditional stone wool. Watch the video.

In 1992 a research and development project began with the aim of improving the properties of glass wool at high temperatures. There was also a desire to retain all the excellent properties of glass wool. The result of the project was an insulation product called ULTIMATE. All raw materials included in the production process are transformed into high-value insulation material. This is why ULTIMATE has excellent insulation values for heat, fire and noise insulation alike. ULTIMATE uniquely combines the benefits of traditional mineral wool materials:

  • 80% more on the pallet
  • Easy to split
  • Easy to transport
  • High compression
  • high flexibility
  • 50% more on the roll
  • Easy to install

Sheets of ULTIMATE can easily be bent around struts.

ULTIMATE products have undergone thorough testing in accordance with IMO regulations. All products and coatings are classified as non-combustible. The documentation for fire constructions covers steel and aluminium constructions. ULTIMATE products can be supplied either uncoated or with several types of coatings, including aluminium foil and white glass fibre weave.