ULTIMATE products are pliable and can be easily bent on top of stiffeners heads making installation around the stiffeners very fast and easy. This way to install products, called Quick-Cover system, provides very cost-efficient constructions when taking into account the installation costs. We advise our customers to use this unique mounting system whenever possible.

ULTIMATE products have an outstanding flexibility and can be bent on the top head of stiffeners without breaking. Attention should be paid to cut a piece long enough to have a minimum distance ≥30 mm from stiffener to the edge of the piece installed.

Stiffeners: The thinner, the easier to install
In general, we recommend to use slabs products with a thickness ≤30 mm to be bent on top of stiffeners heads.
The thinner the products, the easier they will be to install, for instance U SeaProtect Slab 76 25 mm.

Plate: The thicker, the better the installation
On the plate, we recommend to use ULTIMATE products with an adapted thickness so that it is as close as possible to the top of the head of the stiffeners.
We do not recommend to use the Quick-Cover system when the distance between the top of the head of the stiffener and the insulation of the plate is > 50 mm.

Faced products with joints sealed with tape versus unfaced products
We recommend to use faced products (Alu facing, Glass cloth facing or B facing) rather than unfaced products for a better fi nishing. By sealing the joints with GLAVA VVS-TAPE (alu-tape), ISOVER SeaProtect Alu Tape or G120 Tape (Glass cloth Tape), no fibres will be in contact with open air on the edges and the joints will be perfectly closed.