Weber Marine floating floor solutions

Weber offers three solutions using ULTIMATE for floating floors on ships.

  • Weber Marine A-60 Floor
  • Weber Marine dB Floor
  • Weber Marine dB A-60 Floor

ISOVER ULTIMATE next generation mineral wool with high yield capacity combines the benefits of traditional insulation used for fire, thermal and acoustic applications while also significantly reducing weight. Compared to traditional mineral wool with the same properties the weight reduction is 2.5 kg/m (minimum 35%) Weber is the only company currently supplying floating floor solutions with tested and certified ISOVER ULTIMATE as part of a floating floor system.

Saint-Gobain has also tested its own floor solution for A-60 with ISOVER ULTIMATE with two layers of steel plates measuring 2+3 mm. Compared to traditional mineral wool with the same properties this solution results in weight reduction up to 3.0 kg/m² (approx. 40%).

Swap deadload for paying load with  ISOVER ULTIMATE
Profit from saving weight and replacing traditional mineral wool with  ULTIMATE.

Reference:  Ro-ro passenger ferry, length 210 m, 2,800 passengers, one vehile deck.
Weight reduction results:  280.000 kg (280 tonnes).

This results in the following possible savings:

Fuel consumption:
The saving resulting from reduced fuel compensation is around NOK 1,000,000 per year.

An increase of 5.4% in dead weight is equivalent to for example 6 trailers weighing 45 tonnes each.

CO2 and NOx reduction:
A reduction of more than 750 tonnes of CO2 per year.

Construction costs:
Replacing aluminium constructions with cheaper steel frames yields a cost saving of approx. NOK 10,000,000.

The centre of gravity is lowered by around 10 cm.

Weight reduction results:
280.000 kg

For more information please download the brochure Weber Marine Floors