Solid player in the marine/offshore sector

Our products, which are lightweight, flexible, and feature first class insulation properties, are ideally suited to marine and offshore applications, says Lars Fillip Kolbu, Business Unit Manager Technical Insulation

GLAVA® has worked on ship insulation since the 1980s, but it is only during the last decade that the marine/offshore sector has become a focus area. 

Long term work

Marine/offshore differs markedly from the construction industry, in which GLAVA® has operated since the company was founded in the mid 1930s. In the marine/offshore sector, projects require significantly more preparation and long term work before you achieve a sale. Solid knowledge of the industry, product, and regulations are all crucial since all contracts feature highly detailed specifications, certificates, and solid references.

At GLAVA® we have developed a department with highly competent professionals in the marine/offshore field.

We do not only sell insulation products, but also provide advice and knowledge sharing. We have a thorough knowledge of the NORSOK standards, and our prospects for success in the marine/offshore industry are good.

Solid company

He believes that potential marine/offshore customers see it as a strength that GLAVA® is a company with a strong financial backbone, solid expertise, and wide experience in the field of insulation.

We can do insulation, but we also have IT systems, finances, and a refined logistics system to manage our deliveries. That's valuable to our customers.

GLAVA® has several exciting projects in its marine/offshore portfolio and is optimistic about the future.

'We are very positive about the years to come, but things obviously won't happen by themselves. It requires hard and determined work, but the gang that I have behind me are dead set on success,' says the head of GLAVA®'s marine/offshore company.