Thermal Insulation


Save weight - use GLAVA glass wool insulation where only comfort insulation is required!

Why are effective thermal insulation materials so important?

Much of your ship’s total energy consumption is linked to the energy consumed by your HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system - it represents as much as 35% for cruise ships. Opting for solutions with superior thermal insulation properties for your walls and ducts guarantees increased passenger comfort while lower operating costs.

GLAVA glass wool products have excellent thermal insulation properties due to their unique internal microstructure: 100% fiberized insulation mats, completely free of slugs. For the same thickness, GLAVA glass wool products for marine achieve equivalent or better thermal insulation than lightweight stone-wool products, while being up to 50% lighter. Low weight and high mechanical strength and flexibility make glass wool particularly suitable as comfort insulation on ships. 

Characteristics of GLAVA Marine glass wool product:

  • Thermal performance
  • Unique lightness
  • Comfortable installation
  • Maximum flexibility

GLAVA®  glass wool has been approved for use on ships and offshore oil and gas installations through certification by Det Norske Veritas. This certification stipulates the use of non-combustible materials in marine applications.