Weight reduction

U SeaProtect Minimize weight

ULTIMATE results from more than 25 years of intense research by ISOVER. ULTIMATE is produced thanks to an unique and patented fiberizing process. It results in a totally shot-free product, made of long fine interwoven fibres: a new generation of high-performance mineral wool with excellent fire protection properties and a drastically reduced weight (up to 50% lighter) when compared to traditional stonewool solutions.

Swap deadload for paying load with ISOVER ULTIMATE
Profit from saving weight and replacing traditional mineral wool with U SeaProtect.

Reference:  Ro-ro passenger ferry, length 210 m, beam 29 m 2,800 passengers, 900 passanger cabins, 2 passanger public decks, 4 passanger cabin decks and 1 car deck.

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Fuel consumption

The saving resulting from reduced fuel compensation is around NOK 1,500,000 per year.


An increase of 5.4% in dead weight is equivalent to for example 6 trailers weighing 45 tonnes each.

CO2 and NOx reduction

A reduction of more than 750 tonnes of CO2 per year.

Construction costs

Replacing aluminium constructions with cheaper steel frames yields a cost saving of approx. NOK 10,000,000.


The centre of gravity is lowered by around 10 cm.

Weight reduction

280 tonns

Weight reduction results:  280 tonnes (equivalent weight to 6 trailers of 45 t each)

Fuel saving: With a speed of 23 knots, approximately 180.000 $/year (≈1,5 MNOK) can be saved *

* Calculation hypothesis: 15 h/day, 340 d/year and 300t of HFO saved/year at 600$/ton of heavy fuel.